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Cranach in Neustadt
A Masterpiece in Its Place – An Early Cranach-Altar at the Original Location

Neustadt an der Orla lies in the midst of an old culture landscape far from the big tourist roads. With its medieval, landmarked town center the city has extraordinary attractions to offer.

The special ensemble around the spacious market with the late Gothic city hall, which maintains its beauty through the splendid stone masonry, extends an invitation to explore the city. Martin Luther was in Neustadt an der Orla several times. He stood here as Visitor to the Augustinian Eremitenkloster and preached in the city. In one of the most beautiful late medieval town houses of Thuringia, today the Lutherhaus, he is to have lived. Who goes over the market, passes through a medieval shopping street of the butchers, to the town church, in which a masterpiece accepts the visitor – a great winged altar from Lucas Cranach the Elder. It belongs to the first commissions, which the Wittenberg court painter received from the citizens of a city.

On three carts well packed, the precious work arrived 1513 from Wittenberg. And because Martin Luther placed himself safeguardingly in 1524 in front of his friend Cranach’s artwork, it stands to this day unaltered in its place – that is unique for the altars of Lucas Cranach the Elder.

The splendid altar can be experienced in its original surroundings still today, delve into the Representation of the World Court on the Predella and in the rich sculptures and images of Acts of the Saints and experience Biblical history in Cranach’s formerly design vocabulary.

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