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Cranach in Eisenach
19 June to 12 July 2015

“LUTHER! REBEL AGAINST HIS WILL“ presents the most influential church reformers to this day as a popular legend. The completely personal story of a man, who searched for an authentic way, his direct way to God in a time when indulgence mongers roamed through the German country sides and people gave away their last “Thaler”, in order to redeem themselves from their sins. The story of the loving husband is also told. At the age of 42 Martin Luther marries the former nun Katharina von Bora. What a move for a former monk!

Rock arias and touching madrigals, the hearty word of Luther, which also continues to live in innumerable quotations still today, the choir reminiscing Christian oratory and Luther's church song are found again in the musical.

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