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Cranach in Anhalt

28 JUNE – 1 NOVEMBER 2015
Ever since the princes of Dessau declared their adherence to Luther’s teachings, Dessau has been closely associated with the Reformation. The Cranach family also paid frequent visits to Dessau from Wittenberg, 40 kilometers away. The result is a rich collection of works that capture the essence of the Reformation. Among the loveliest and most impressive is the “Dessau Abendmahltafel” (“Dessau Lord's Supper Panel”), which depicts Luther, Melanchthon, and George III of Anhalt celebrating communion, with Lucas Cranach the Younger as cupbearer.

The exhibitions offer a multifaceted view of Cranach the Younger, ranging from impressive epitaphs in the Johanniskirche; key works by his father, Lucas Cranach the Elder; works by Old German masters from Dessau’s Anhaltinian Art Gallery; graphics and items from Dessau’s Anhaltinian Library; and items on loan from other German museums. What emerges are the surprising differences between Cranach the Elder and Younger, the result of their confessional differences. Taken together, the exhibitions capture the transformation of the Cranach workshop’s visual language over the course of the Reformation.

The Crowded Crucifixion Lucas Cranach the Younger, Christus am Kreuz (Christ on the Cross) (Detail), ca. 1537/38, Anhaltinian Art Gallery Dessau

Photo: Anhaltinian Art Gallery Dessau

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Tue-Sun, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


For groups up to 25 persons

The tour of the “Cranach in Anhalt” exhibition invites you to explore the famous Dessau “Fürstenaltar” (“Prince’s Altar”) by Lucas Cranach the Elder as well as masterpieces of old German painting and graphics from the Anhaltinian Art Gallery. It also features valuable selections from the inventory of the Anhaltinian National Library, and important items on loan from other German museums.

Tour fee: 45 euros (German, English, French) plus admission fee

Duration: 45 minutes
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For groups up to 25 persons

Visit the exhibition “Cranach in Anhalt” in the Johannbau, the Church of St. Mary and the Johanniskirche in Dessau. The exhibition includes important masterpieces such as the Dessau “Fürstenaltar” (“Prince’s Altar”) by Lucas Cranach the Elder from the collection of the Anhaltinian Art Gallery Dessau, and the “Dessau Abendmahltafel” (“Dessau Lord's Supper Panel”) in the Johanniskirche, by Lucas Cranach the Younger.

Tour fee: 80 euros (German, English) plus admission fee

Duration: 2 hours
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