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Cranach's Churches

The impact of Lucas Cranach the Younger and his father on the cultural and artistic landscape of Saxony-Anhalt can also be enjoyed outside of museums. To this day, many churches in Saxony-Anhalt are home to valuable Cranach altarpieces and paintings. For the first time, the “Cranach churches” in the region of Dessau-Wittenberg will be hosting a variety of religious services, events and exhibitions to allow a broader viewership to experience and enjoy these many treasures.

Discover hidden treasures at religious sites – sites for which Cranach originally created his works. Visit St. John’s Church and St. Mary’s Church in Dessau, St. Bartholomew’s Church in Zerbst, the Patronage Church in Klieken, the Town Churches of St. Mary in Wittenberg and Kemberg, the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Dabrun, and St. Paul’s Church in Dietrichsdorf.

Lucas Cranach the Younger: “Deluge” Altarpiece, 1565 Photo: Johannes Killyen Lucas Cranach the Younger: “Deluge” Altarpiece, 1565
Photo: Johannes Killyen

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